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hopGram is a photo-sharing, messaging and event management app for social drinkers.

Subscribe to a group, and start sharing pictures, comments and updates via hopGram's unique beermat posts.

hopGram integrates with providing a simple way to add venues, organise pub crawls, and share updates & pub ratings.

Featured Beermat & beerline

The main image is your current featured beermat.

Below the featured beermat is the beerline, featuring a row of thumbnails of recent posts.

To navigate backwards and forwards, tap on the left or right side of the featured beermat or beerline, or swipe right-left.

How to send hopGrams

There are two main ways to do this: fastPost and hopGram:

fastPost is for quick, short replies and shout-outs to the group. fastPosts are appended to the current featured beermat. Choose either a predefined message, or type your own, choose an emotican optionally add and rate your location, and tap send. The hopGram is posted and sent to your active group.

Use hopGram to create a new hopGram and send it to the group. Select a beermat style from the built in selection, attach a photo and emotican, type your message, optionally add and rate your location, and tap send to post to your active group.

Info and help:

The info button appears throughout the app. Tap to see general and context-specific info.

Dashboard buttons:

These buttons are arranged in a row above the featured beermat.

Tap to visit and look up routes & bars
Groups & Events:
Tap to switch active group, check events, join new groups, or create and manage your own groups.

hopGram uses geolocation to automatically detect when you're at a BeerBusGuide listed venue. The pub icon 'lights up' with yellow windows when hopGram recognises your current location.
Tap to manually set your location, create or edit a venue on BeerBusGuide, or to enable/disable geolocation.
When a venue location is set (either automatically or manually) the venue will be mentioned in posts.

Beerline status and refresh button (hopGram logo):
A red flash indicates the display is live, which means it automatically updates as new hopGrams arrive. A white flash indicates the display is locked on the current hopGram.
When the display is locked a red star indicates new hopGrams have been received.
Tap the logo to switch modes.
Tap the teleprinter to exchange private person-to-person messages with group members.
Tap to view the 'Beerwall'. You can select to view your own posts, public posts, group posts, or your favourites. Tap an image to like, reply to, or report content issues.
System & Settings:
Tap to logout or update your account or settings.
Select update account to change your account details including your nickname, password, avatar, mobile number and email.
If you are a 'day pass' user you can upgrade to a standard account with your own choice of nickname and password, avatar, etc.
Select update settings to change your settings including SMS & email notifications and other defaults.
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Experimental Development Feature:

Message Centre
View alerts & messages from admins
Send/Receive/Reply to direct messages

express your mood with hoGram's unique emoticans

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Recover username:

hopGram will text a list of usernames associated with this number.

Reset password:

hopGram will text a temporary password to this account's associated mobile.
The password can be changed under settings menu/account settings.

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hopGram account options:

day pass:
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standard membership with customisable profile

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premium annual account, access to all features


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